Driving taffic with domain names

According to Monte Cahn, the Founder and President of Moniker, finding the right domain name is key in driving traffic to your site. At SMX West in Santa Clara, Cahn talked to WebProNews about several issues surrounding domain names.

He said specifically, “It’s not all about SEO and SEM strategies, but without the right domain name, you’re really not going to be successful on the Web.”

Since there is so much talk of 301 redirects, how do people know when to use them and when to build up a domain name? Cahn says people should always use 301 redirects for various misspellings of the brand’s name.

On the other hand, he advises companies to build out subsites for their products or services. By doing this, companies can take advantage of link juice and use the links and referrals to drive SEO value.

One of the biggest mistakes brands make with domain names is not being proactive when they release new products or services. Cahn gives examples where both Microsoft and Apple released products before checking on the availability of the domain. If companies wait until after they announce their new product or service, chances are the domain name price will skyrocket.

Is your domain name driving traffic to your site?

Free Domain Transfer and Domain Pointing

Domain transfer is a process in which you can transfer your existing Domain Name from its current Domain registrar/hosting company to another Hosting company/ registrar. During this process, if the website is Live, it remains functional.

Free Domain Pointing :
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A few easy steps listed below would help you to activate the service :

Step 1: Take the back-up of your whole website including designing pages, E-Mail IDs and databases.

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